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    I Had a Dream

    Posted: October 8, 2017 by Carl DeLine   -   No Comments

    Day one week forty two year 2017. Today is Sunday October 8. A time for meditation, for focus your thoughts on life!


    Good Morning, my name is Carl and I am being coached by Grace. It is the Grace of God that stands behind us, is to the right of us, to the left of us and opens doors before us. (if you are comfortable repeat that statement using your own name.)


    Please take time to prepare your mind to hear, to allow your spirit to be in tune with the SPIRIT of God.


    Thoughts from Brother Lawrence:




    Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20 and Psalm 19 • Isaiah 5:1-7 and Psalm 80:7-15 • Philippians 3:4b-14 • Matthew 21:33-46

    Lord the Scripture reminds us of a way of life. It is in choosing to follow good that you are revealed to us. By choosing to respect what exists we discover a higher source, a higher desire for life itself.


    Lord the law causes us to reflect on a higher meaning, a higher purpose. As we live within the structure of the law we experience that if the law seeks our good, then how much more would the creator of the law want only good for us.


    Lord in discovering good, I discover how love becomes real.


    Thank you for loving me when I did not realize I was being loved.


    The Psalmist understood this. The writings of the stories, the words of the poems, the myth of the legends, the peace that a reality exists beyond my control allows me to rest, to know that love is unshakable, that somehow love finds it’s source in one who’s greatness is not measured in greatness but rather in the gentleness of having a way to share the everyday concerns.


    Lord to meditate on this gentleness nurtures an awareness of the redemptive power renewing life everyday.


    Lord, can we choose life? Is it by choosing to live that we discover life? Yes. Amen.


    Lord what if we choose to destroy life? What if we choose to ignore the intentions of good, do we then seek evil? Do we then choose to inflict the power of death into our own lives? Do we fail to understand how our own actions ultimately become destructive?


    Lord is it in seeking life that we then seek healing?


    The Apostle again focuses on Jesus. Lord are we to know you by living the good that has been revealed?


    Lord the words of the parable seem to give hope that we who struggle with life, we who struggle to find our way can be a part of this new beginning. Thank you and Amen.









    After working hard for the last few days my body was aching. I sat down for a rest. It wasn’t long before I fell asleep.  I began to dream. I dreamt about my chair. It is a REAL chair. It is a Lazy-Boy. It is my piece of heaven. I can go there and it welcomes me. It never rejects me. It says sit back, put your feet up. T-H-E-R-E!


    Then, at 11:p.m. as clear as can be, A VOICE said TAKE YOUR PILLS. I was dreaming. Another voice responded…DON’T WANT TO! Within seconds my body was sound asleep. A smile spread across the face of this sleeping “baby Huey.”


    1:45 a.m. The voice, again, louder, TAKE YOUR PILLS. ……..silence as first one eye and then the second eye opened. My body turned slowly while getting out of the chair. Rising, looking toward the desk, the pills. THE PILLS. I had a dream.


    4:30 a.m. Somehow I made it to the bed. 65 degrees in the room. I was wrapped in my favorite blanket. It had gotten up to 90+ degrees that day. The night was chilly. I turned to go back to sleep. The dream turned friendly. A marching band entered my room. The flutes, the horns, the drums all gently began to circle my bed. What a delight. The uniforms bright red with plums. Then as quickly as they started they stopped. My eyes fluttering as the dream continued. Wonderful I thought. Then without warning a team of acrobats joined in the circus. One came from the right, the other from the left. Just as they got over my ears the largest hugest cymbals ever created appeared. They were on a collision course. The smash, the sound was so powerful it lifted me from the bed, my hands covering my ears. I knew I was under attack but why. Why, why, this was only a dream. Why can’t I just sleep!


    The members of the band, the acrobats then stood at attention. They formed a line. They pointed to the desk, TAKE YOUR PILLS is what they said. TAKE YOUR PILLS.     I did.




    Moses brought the people to a new land, to a new way of living. He gave a set of words. Some thought they were a hard pill to swallow. Some grieved their past, leave me alone. Why can’t I just go back, why can’t life be the way it was before. The people cried. Life would never be the same.


    Moses, the Psalmist, the Apostle Paul and even Jesus reflected on what ultimately speaks of the Love of God. There is a way, a way that leads to meaning and redemption. There is a way that brings healing and justice. It is not about retribution it is about building relationships. Perhaps it is only a dream. But, the important question is, do you share the dream? Is this your dream too?






    Meditation- A time of Quietness and Preparation-really!

    Posted: September 24, 2017 by Carl DeLine   -   No Comments

    A time of quietness and preparation.


    Day one week fourty year 2017.


    Today is Sunday September 24, a day for nurturing meditation and spirituality.


    Good Morning, my name is Carl and I am being coached by Grace. It is the Grace of God that stands behind us, is to the right of us, to the left of us and opens doors before us. (if you are comfortable repeat that statement using your own name.)


    Please take time to prepare your mind to hear, to allow your spirit to be in tune with the SPIRIT of God.


    The Scripture for this week is: Exodus 16:2-15 and Psalm 105:1-6, 37-45  •  Jonah 3:10-4:11 and Psalm 145:1-8  •  Philippians 1:21-30  •  Matthew 20:1-16




    Prayer: (as you read the scriptures allow the words to touch your thoughts, write down your prayers.)


    Lord as I sit here I remember how easy it is to complain. I remember how easy it is to seek support as if my complaining would make all the difference. I listen to Israel and hear myself. It has seemed like a long 67 years. But now, it seems like a short time. The days disappear as if they are words written, etched in sand waiting for the waters to come and say here, a clean slate, write again.


    Lord the Psalmist as ever abruptly invades my thoughts with the newer reality. Tears rush in where sadness once reigned supreme. There are no words to understand. Today is a day of victory. Yesterday I worked for 8 straight hours. How long has it been? Over ten years my body has known the attack of having to stop. But yesterday every box moved, stacked, tied down, every time the car started, every time I made a correct turn and did not lose my way. Every time I remembered what the next step was I knew I was winning. Thank you Lord for breakfast and for supper.


    Lord  I understand the justice Jonah sought as he ran away. What a strange paradox. How does anyone speak to a nation who’s values are built on shifting sand? How can the house stand when the foundation so easily rots away? How can anyone understand such a great mercy that you would call Jonah, in fact call us to share your caring. It is so easy to sit under the coolness of the tree. It is even easier to justify staying under the tree for you have sent deliverance.


    Lord you have taken our lives and you want to declare, I am your presence in this broken world. You have said the laborer will be filled by doing the work, the task set before us. For this is your salvation. Thank you Lord.


    Lord I am now flooded with thoughts, but, I am dying. Everyday this illness takes more away. But somehow every day I come to understand that less has become more.


    Thank you.


    MUSIC: Reflect from your past, allow the flow of the music or the words from the song to retell the story of the scripture.


    In Thee is Gladness interpreted from German in 1598 by Catherine Winkworth, written by Johann Lindemann


    1 In Thee is gladness amid all sadness,

    Jesus, day-star of my heart!

    By Thee are given the gifts of heaven,

    thou the true Redeemer art!

    Our souls thou wakest;

    our bonds thou breakest.

    Who trusts Thee surely

    has built securely and stands forever: Allelujah!

    Our hearts are longing to see thy dawning.

    Living or dying, in thee abiding,

    naught can us sever: Allelujah!

    2 Jesus is ours!

    We fear no powers,

    not of earth or sin or death.

    He sees and blesses in worst distresses;

    he can change them with a breath.

    Wherefore the story -

    tell of His glory with hearts and voices;

    all heaven rejoices in him forever: Allelujah!

    We shout for gladness,

    triumph o’er sadness,

    love him and praise him,

    and still shall raise him

    glad hymns forever: Allelujah!

    The Morning Trumpet – Shenandoah Christian Music Camp


    I have intentionally added what could be considered as “old” Christian sound. Please go in search of music that speaks of thoughts that are important to you.


    Bonse Aba – Shenandoah Christian Music Camp




    Emotionally I have been all over the place this morning. The scripture reading nailed me. By following the words of Israel’s history and then the words of reflection I automatically get caught.


    This is about life. Somehow today I too am touched by life.


    At the same time readings, talks, prayers, music all become ways to present the opportunity for meditation.


    Meditation is like a dart thrown by an unexperienced dart thrower. Some times the dart seems to have a mind of it’s own. You/I could be hit anywhere. Any nerve could be touched. The random dart has the propensity to hit a nerve. You have been there. Music comes on, first your toe moves, then your hand, then your head is bouncing to the tune.


    A few months ago in a restaurant a guest musician showed up. He was a drummer. He played set after set. Then the break came. He immediately came to our table. He looked at my friend and said wow can you play a set for us. My friend beat the table as if he was on the bongo’s. The entertainer then said you were with me. It wasn’t long before I was able to move my sound so your sound was a part of the gig. You were hot. How long have you been playing. My friend said I have never played in my life. He laughed. The whole table got into the discussion. Meditation has the ability to “suck” you into the event. Meditation becomes that moment when you know you are a part of the gig!


    Sometimes words get in the way. An old pastor once told the story of recreating the banners in the church. People were invited to create banners. Upfront the rule was no words! People came in with banners made of cloth with many colors, pictures made like the stories on a felt board. Images recreated from the sight of stain glass. It was a moment when the moment was given freedom to be the moment.


    A street dancer dared to join a congregation in worship. A moment happened, he stood up and danced to the music. It wasn’t long before another person stood. Within a few minutes many from the congregation were standing and had become a part of the movement. Voices could be heard giving praise to God. While others quietly bowed, thank you Jesus became the mantra of the moment.


    This time of meditation arises for you, for me to allow our faith to be talked about in a genuine way. It is given as a moment of spontaneity. A time to let what is in you have the freedom to respond.


    How many stories are there, as many as we have people ready to respond.


    Take care, enjoy the moment. Allow the story of time, the gentleness of God’s Spirit to give you the freedom to internalize and then externalize the moment.





    Please share with us a moment when you experienced being a part of the “gig!”

    Tell Your Own Story

    Posted: September 17, 2017 by Carl DeLine   -   No Comments

    Day one week thirty eight year 2017.
    Today is Sunday September 17, a day of nurturing meditation and spirituality.

    Good Morning.  My name is Carl and I am being coached by Grace. It is the Grace of God that stands behind us, is to the right of us, to the left of us and opens doors before us. (if you are comfortable repeat that statement using your own name.)


    The introductory process is to read the scripture. Each time a thought is prompted, write it down creating a prayer concerning your life situation.



    Exodus 14:19-31 and Psalm 114 or Exodus 15:1b-11, 20-21  •  Genesis 50:15-21 and Psalm 103:(1-7), 8-13  •  Romans 14:1-12  •  Matthew 18:21-35



    Lord as I read the text I am immediately charged with voices of doubt. None of this could have happened. Then I think, I am not here to argue the validity of the words but invited to understand the validity of my own story.

    Lord teach me to hear words that give validity to my own story.

    Lord teach me to have the willingness to share my own story.

    Lord I am amazed at what comes to me once I start listening. Once I walk the steps of the story, once I sing the words, once I insert my own words, I feel different.

    Lord I now laugh as I begin to sing the song I learned as a child. How many words, how many stories. How many times have I stood at the doorway of death, laid in its bed and then walked away! Lord you have one more task, one more verse to add to the song. Bless the Lord Oh my soul and all that is within me! Bless His Holy name.

    Be free to live in me with your grace and forgiveness so I can be free to live in you with your grace and forgiveness.


    please write your words of prayer as you read the scripture.


    MUSIC: It is said music is the universal language. As I was reading and praying I kept getting interrupted with the words of this first song

    Bless the Lord Oh My Soul


    Tell Your Heart to Beat Again


    Another song (I could not find the sound track is here )

    There were so many uncertainties in my life during my college days.

    This song by Ray Hildebrand constantly filled my mind.


    To some He gave the gift of prophecy,

    To me He gave a song.

    To His children, He gives the gift of love.

    To share as they pass along.

    Doubts and fear, they come from down below,

    So when you way is dim.

    Just look in the Book,

    I’ll tell you where to look: Romans ten, nine and ten.



    If I live, well, praise the Lord.

    If I die, well, praise the Lord.

    If I live or die, my only cry will be,

    Jesus in me, praise the Lord.


    The love He gives lasts for eternity,

    Cast all your cares on him.

    He died on the cross to save you from sin,

    And then He rose again.

    The Christian life is more than a quality,

    It’s Jesus Christ the man.

    It’s saying Lord, I give myself to You.

    It’s saying, here I am.


    Chorus repeat.


    MEDITATION: Tell Your Own Story


    I began reading the text for this morning. No sooner than I started reading then my mind said, not this again! How can you believe this about an angel? How many of you really believe? How many times have I cried out and asked, petitioned for help that never came.


    Then I remembered the day the diagnosis came. I was in the hospital. A few days before I had a severe temperature. The nurses kept me in an ice bath. They were changing the sheets every couple hours.  The temperature  finally broke. The pain was excruiating. The nurse filled me with the last pain killer she was allowed to administer. She said no more it will kill you.



    Later that day a young lady wearing a red and white stripped uniform walked into the room. She asked how she could help. In tears I said ask the nurse for more pain killer. She went to get the nurse. The young lady came back. She stood by the railing, in tears she said, I am so sorry. You can not have any more, it will kill you. Then she sat in the chair gripping the railing crying her eyes out. In a moment she said I am so sorry. She squeezed the railing as she ran out of the room. She was sobbing. As she let go of the railing her hand then ran across the blanket covering me. As she left the room I realized the pain had left my body. A bit later the nurse came in. I thanked her for sending the young girl. She said what girl? I described her. The nurse said Carl we gave up using that uniform over 20 years ago.


    Was this young girl an angel? You will not hear me say she was. You will never hear me deny she couldn’t have been.


    Tell your own story. We live in a world that needs all the miracles we can get. We need all the helpful intervention we can get.


    The next part of the story is about the day after.


    It is your story. Israel built a stairway to God by telling both Joseph’s and Moses’s story. But Moses and Joseph could not have built what became the people of Israel. It had to be the People of Israel who by telling their story would see the miracle happen.


    The words of the scripture remind us of human nature. Ultimately the words of Jesus call us to a skidding stop. Forgiveness, nurturing and living is what the story becomes about. As people work together, as people formed their own support groups they did have their problems. In time they claimed land and wealth. At times they warred against each other but the mandate was never surrendered.


    The battle to defeat long term illnesses, to defeat sarcoidosis  has a similar history.  I remember when we were small. I now see our tribes, our groups seeing accelerated growth. I now understand what it is to wake up the next day. I understand the value of every life lost in this battle. I understand the power of the story. I understand the battle is not lost. I understand the miracle of the angel. I understand there is so much beyond us. I also understand this battle will be won.


    A Closing Thought:


    A child’s memory, Bless the Lord Oh My Soul

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