It’s not about the money, or is it?

…And the beat goes on!

The cash transfer programs have become a very positive way to deal with empowering people to make positive strides in their lives. Once Mexico adopted this process many others came on board. NEW YORK: In a September 2007 Work Bank Presentation an initiative using Cash Transfer Payments spearheaded by Mayor

CTP’S and the rest of the world!

HALLELUJAH, let’s have a party. People investing in people. Let’s get all excited and see what can be learned when people invest in people. The World Bank is picking up on the work of others and helping to carry it to impoverished communities. Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs) MEXICO: Mexico’s Oportunidades

Where we fit in “CTP” and the World Bank

The World Bank has identified the use of “Cash Transfer Payments” as a way to bring change in people’s lives. This is the starting point for us. In 1988 when The Back Door staff began using cash bonuses this was considered very risky and outside the traditional way of thinking.

Contracts and bonuses have been used to create positive change over 200,000 times

Taken from the program Evaluation by the Pacific Rim Research June 17, 1991. The following words are found in the book The Back Door, an experiment or an alternative in the section of “what others have said”: The Back Door system of goals (“STEPS”) and incentives (“BONUSES”) makes frequent use