It’s not about the money or is it….

[ilink url="" title="How $13 Changes Lives"]Malawi cash transfer/contract and bonus process[/ilink] This is one of my favorite stories. In 2009 I blogged about this question. It’s not about the money or is it… How often can you dare to invest in someone you do not know? How often can you trust

Just what is an addiction?

Discovering the freedom to be addicted to life! In 2007 my lungs had taken a turn for the worse. I needed to take time to heal. At the same time a disc in my neck crumbled and life changed even more so. I was put on very strong medications. During

April 1: No joking matter…

One evening the telephone rang. It was late on Saturday. I was a young preacher at the time. The voice on the other end of the line was somewhat panicked. “Would you be able to preach for me tomorrow?” “Yes, I am available” was my response. Then it dawned on

Dream the impossible dream!

Many years ago I sat across the table from an elderly gentleman…

March Madness is about to begin

Perhaps it is time to look again at March Madness. Perhaps it is time to declare who the teams are and what the ultimate prize will be.