Confirmation: Assignment #8

Confirming the faith: The local church and church membership.

So much has and is changing about today’s church. What “church” is and what it “should” be is in a state of change. Each of us needs to keep our eyes open, our hearts and minds alert. The churches we participate in will have a lot of influence on our lives. The following questions are meant to encourage you to discover why church has the potential in your life.

1. Make a list of non-religious organizations and/or groups that require “membership.”

2. Make a list of requirements these groups or organizations require of their members.

3. Identify a list of churches, make a list of requirements each of these churches have for membership.

4. Make a list of people attending the same church as you attend and ask them how membership has been a benefit to them.

5. Using a concordance look up each of the uses of the word church in the Bible. Then, from the biblical references, write what you think the Biblical understanding of “Church” is.

6. If you were to start a church what activities would you require of the members?

7. If you were to start a church what activities would you require of yourself?

To complete your eighth assignment submit your answers here: Worksheet.


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