Today has been an interesting day.

This morning the doctor removed a cancerous growth from the side of my face. Apparently the growth was fairly self-contained. The doctor and his staff were successful in removing the entire growth. By the time this task was finished the incision was approximately the width of a quarter.

I’m thankful to the doctor and staff who did this task. I’m thankful for the medical insurance that pays for this work.

I’m thankful for my wife who came to be with me during this time. I’m thankful for my children who talked with me to see how the surgery went. I’m thankful for family who also called to see how the surgery went. I’m thankful for friends who checked in to see how the surgery went.

Today however, in my daily calendar, is a day of praise. Monday is a day of praise. When I think about how many times the concept of thankfulness and praise is intermingled I think about today. Each of my statements about being thankful is a part of a greater whole. I thank God for the environment that creates a sense of thankfulness. Thankfulness for each of the big and little things in our lives point to an ultimate author of compassion and grace. Praise the Lord. Amen


One Comment on "Today has been an interesting day."

  1. Suzette Miller says:

    I’m thankful that you are okay.

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